Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Perro...

Rebekah Girl is heading back to America to see her family including Jessica who I made the pram liner for and who made Bubble those wonderful felt hair clips. I couldn't let Bek go back without taking some handmade things I have been working on for baby Grace.

The theme is "Perro" which is Spanish for dog.
2 baby bibs and a taggy made from recycled denim, ribbon and some fabric sample swatches I was given.

I couldn't do much with the fabric pieces individually but sew some pieces together and you have enough to play with.

...and of course a Happy Scrappy Brooch for Jess.


  1. Oh those are gorgeous! I love the denim recycling.

  2. I love the side closure, and the button just makes it!! That is going to be one stylish baby! :)

  3. I LOOOOOVE the denim bibs! SO CUTE!!!

  4. All gorgeous (I especially love the bibs with their glamourous buttons). Great idea to use your fabric sample swatches.

  5. Love your bibs! And I particularly like how you made the attachment on the side instead of at the back like most bibs because it always irritates the babies neck at the back

  6. The bibs are adorable and I love the doggie fabric.

    Glad to hear the longies got to you in good time and just in time for a cold day too. Enjoy them.