Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ally's Tie Creations

How crazy is it to connect with someone within the community only to stumble upon the fact that you both love crafting ... better still up-cycling.

Ally from Harry's Desk and I have known each other for ages within the community but it wasn't until this year that we discovered we both craft. What drew my attention was a fantastic handmade, neck tie satchel she would carry with her. One day I just asked where she got it and to my surprise she says "I made it myself!"

I was gob smacked at the detail and added brooches. They truly are are a work of art. I should add that I have a neck tie satchel in the making but after seeing Ally's mine is now where near her standards.

This is Moo on her 8th Birthday back in March in the shirt that Ally made for her using a neck tie and buttons.

Close up... isn't it just great!!

Check out some of the bags she has made so far here, here oh and here.

This is just one of her many brooches... Ally you truly are an inspiration!!!

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