Sunday, June 7, 2009

All The Love In The World..

I just have to share this with you all.
My friend Tina in Melbourne made me a fantastic crocheted blanket in all the colours of the rainbow, better still its in the shape of a star!!

...Twinkle Twinkle...

The kids tend to argue over who gets to use it but in the end Bubble gets first choice as it was a baby shower gift. I had to email Tina and ask her how the hell to wash it because 9mths down the track it is time for wool wash... I think I might wait till my Mum comes over on a really sunny day and get her to go through each step. I am scared I'll ruin it.

Moo wrapped up.

Bear wrapped up
Bubble wrapped up


  1. These photos are beautiful.. so beautiful. They need to be framed as a set of 3.

    The blanket is gorgeous too!

  2. I agree with Nikki, a set of 3 would be fabulous...they are all so cute in their colourful blanky!
    For wool washing if you are scared to loose its shape when you wash could possibly get it dry cleaned?When I handwash wool, if I do not want it to felt I use coldish water and greated soap...and the trick would be to get it to dry flat I guess?...Not sure it would help;)

  3. I have no idea how to knit...which is why I respect people who do even more! This blanket is FABULOUS! I would be fighting to wear it as well!