Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait... to start my newest project!! This has been building up for so so so long! I was researching my project and discovered I needed wool roving but I believe here in Australia we don't call it that. We call it wool tops and also silver is that right?? So it has many names for the one thing which is wool before it is spun into the wool you knit with or better still the stuff you use to felt with too. It helps to know crafters who know a bit more than I do about wool... I am yet to wash any of my wool items still (I know I know) So I asked Amanda and she pointed me in the right direction.

This is what I got from Petlins. Purple, Chocolate and lime wool silver.
So what's the project I am working on... well I am hoping to felt my own dread locks to put in my hair. I have wanted them for ages and now I know what I am working with I am willing to give it a try. I will also be taking note of what works and what doesn't work for a tutorial. So if you happen to have any tips send them my way because as I have mentioned wool isn't really my choice of craft medium.

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Strelitzia's are my favourite flower

Yesterday Carlos came home from school drop off with two beautiful strelitzia's. I was in complete shock and thought I must have forgotten a special event. But no he bought them just because. The last time we had strelitzia's was for our wedding back in 2004 and before that he bought me a potted one but our cat decided it was her kitty litter box AND before that he had a massive bunch of 12 sent to my work place when we first started dating. I had to carry them home on a packed public bus...hahaha.
I love you baby!

Ally's Tie Creations

How crazy is it to connect with someone within the community only to stumble upon the fact that you both love crafting ... better still up-cycling.

Ally from Harry's Desk and I have known each other for ages within the community but it wasn't until this year that we discovered we both craft. What drew my attention was a fantastic handmade, neck tie satchel she would carry with her. One day I just asked where she got it and to my surprise she says "I made it myself!"

I was gob smacked at the detail and added brooches. They truly are are a work of art. I should add that I have a neck tie satchel in the making but after seeing Ally's mine is now where near her standards.

This is Moo on her 8th Birthday back in March in the shirt that Ally made for her using a neck tie and buttons.

Close up... isn't it just great!!

Check out some of the bags she has made so far here, here oh and here.

This is just one of her many brooches... Ally you truly are an inspiration!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marla's Baby Shower Prizes!!!

Well I have finally finished the prizes for Marla's Baby shower tomorrow. I was inspired by my //between the lines// give away prize and a fabric basket tutorial I found here.

I thought having some practical prizes would go down better than trying to make a bag or buy prizes for people who may not like what I choose. So I made the following items using all recycled materials!!

The two big fabric baskets are 1st prize. They are perfect for fruit but can be used for any kind of storage. I made them reversible too YAY. 2nd prize are the two smaller rectangular fabric baskets which are also reversible and have a loop to hook onto. 3rd prize is a big Happy Scrappy Brooch.

I can't wait till tomorrow now!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Lizzies - Kids Fashion With A Twist Swap

Amanda from Little Lizzies-Kids Fashion With A Twist, and I met on Skout months ago. I love her hand made shrugs and suggested a swap. I made her a Special Order shirt for her eldest daughter and she made Bubble this exquisite Autumn coloured baby shrug.
What is it made from Amanda? Marino Wool? Arh huh... it's BAMBOO... Yet another item I will have to wash oh dear!!

So the first thing I do when I get home is put Bubble in her new shrug. Isn't it just beautiful?!
To make things even more special Amanda also sent us the dress she made here and it matches perfectly with the shrug and 50c pants I picked up from the treasure shop!!

Just when I thought I couldn't get more excited Amanda also sent some of her off cuts from some of her other projects including some kiwi fruit fabric which she used to make this dress. I think the fabric is just too yummy! No idea what I will be making but I am super happy to be able to put Amanda's off cuts to use!

The children have also chosen their own tiki which Amanda sent too. I have a new necklace which is a traditional symbol from NZ meaning safe travel, friendship or bravery. This is interesting because Carlos and I have been looking at symbols for a tattoo although he has been looking at Inca symbols and meanings. It's amazing to see how symbols from different cultures around the world can express so much meaning in one image.

Amanda Darling You Are Super Awesomefulness...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait... hmm I think I shall list them for you
- for Bubble to take four steps. Last night she decided to take her first
steps 2 days before her 9mth Birthday. No going back now!!
- to see Marla Girl at her baby shower. I am in charge of gifts and have been making
them madly. I'll take all the photos when I am done.
- for All Saints tonight as it's MY one show. I have watched it since it
started back when I lived at home with my Grandma.
- to take Bear to the park. It feels like weeks with all this rain.

- to make more scrap material accessories like this head band Moo
is wearing. I have 5kg rice bags filled with the scraps of my scraps.
I have to make a belt for myself... oh yeah!! I don't wear belts but
I might start.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Love Stamp... wearing my love

Guess what? I won a handmade pendent with the words of my choice from JoGirl of Love Stamp. While your here stop past her Madit Store and if you are an international blog traveler check out her Etsy Store. I keep an eye on so many of my blog friends just to I know what's going on and she had a little give way. She asked us what some of the silliest names we had heard were. Other than my own children Moo, Bear and Bubble I had a few like Crystal Kleer!! Check out some of the other names people had hear of here. Sign up to her newsletter for the heads up on her competitions and give aways too.

So I had to choose two words to go on my pendant. I consulted Carlos and we decided on LIGHTHOUSE and ROCK.
For all the lovey-dovey reasons Carlos is my Lighthouse. When I was young I was very lost and struggled to stay above the waves in my life. When I had had just about had enough and turned to face the sea I saw a flicker of light above my shoulder. I turned and far far off in the distance I could see the light flickering stronger and stronger. I took a deep breath and headed back to shore. There he was, My Lighthouse! My Guiding light who lead me back to shore and to the safety of land. Aww...I also get swept away with so many ideas and he is always there guiding me back to shore.

Why am I his Rock? I asked him and he said "Because when times get tough you are my foundation, you are strong and always there for me!"
Thank You Jo...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Pocket Full Of Buttons MooBear Review And GIve Away..

Stephanie (not me) over at A Pocket Full Of Buttons has reviewed one of our designs and has some wonderful things to say about our handmade designs. She is also having a Moo's Rocket Give Away. If You missed out on MooBear's Blog give away this month why not give it another try over at Stephanie's Blog.

You Gotta Be In It To Win It!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yunginz Shoes For Mr Bear

Bear won a fantastic pair of Yunginz Shoes last week.
His first comment was "Wow Mum! They're so Cool". Although he says it with a slight Latino accent which makes me laugh when he's excited and he just couldn't get them on quick enough. As a mum I love that they are black. You can't scuff up black shoes can you!? The orange detail really does make them look cool.

Bear looking very Chic Geek...
Bear is dressed by 'The Treasure Shop' red Timberland vest, black "Bon Jovi" jeans and Milkshake shirt all complimented together by a funky pair of Yunginz black canvas shoes.
I'm not sure what his pose is... certainly good for a laugh though!!

Head over to the Yunginz site for some more shoe-licious colours and styles. I couldn't go past the pink camo shoes either...hmmm yummy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Musical Bebe

This is something I have been working on for Marla Girl who is having her baby boy in about 5wks. They love their music and it just so happened I had some sample fabric swatches so this is what she'll be getting for her baby shower at the end of the month.

Bibs, Booties & Taggy Toy.
Fabric used includes sample swatches, denim jeans, black T-shirt, Op shop buttons and you know those ribbons attached to clothes for hanging in the wardrobe? Well I cut those off and save them...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We won a give away... and have a new review.

Remember the Sew, Mama, Sew May Give away day. I just randomly stumbled across the event when I signed up for the Sewn Launch Party. I discovered so so so many new craft blogs and managed to enter a "few" give aways at the same time.

Pascale from //Between the Lines// decided to have a 2nd prize for her give away and yep we won it.
"It's Beautiful..." said Carlos... "At least it's not a tea cozie!!"
I didn't enter any give away with a tea cozie maybe a mug cozie but not a tea cozie. Her blog is so inspiring and I think Moo and I may make her Message Board together one day.

At the moment it holds some buttons I have put aside for another project which you will hear about later.

MooBear Review

Andrea from Momma In Flip Flops2 was kind enough to do a MooBear review.
See what she had to say about Moo's Rocket design.
While your there have a look around at some of the wonderful products she has featured too.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday and I can't wait... to hear the mixes Carlos and his brothers are producing in the studio.
"The Boys" are here producing some music together. I have never really seen Carlos in action nor his 2 brothers for that matter, because the sound studio here is off limits while they are busy. But sitting here at my lap top I can hear the sounds and it's pretty awesome stuff.
Head over here to have a listen to some of the tracks Carlos has put together under his label Neuromantra.

My favourite is 'Abre Los Ojos'

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Lukki Bubba and Melanie Horsnell

Bizness Babes is just fantastic. So many talented and independent woman who create and inspire. At the group 5 graduation I also met Melanie Horsnell who is an indie/folk vocal and guitar artist. While you're here you should have a listen to her music. She is also the voice behind those huggies ads which always bring tears to my eyes.
*singing* Must be love love love!

But that's not all she does. Melanie also makes baby slings and you know how much I love baby slings. So while I was at the graduation I asked if I could road test one to compare with my red spotty sling and she said yes...woohoo.

I am in love with red at the moment and I honestly couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear raspberries. The shoulder pieces felt really secure and the pleats above the rings gave great shoulder coverage!

The length is perfect and I knew I wasn't going to trip over walking up stairs as I am shot and sometimes the length of some slings is just too long. The big plastic rings were the best part. Bubble wasn't about to knock any teeth out. She is at the stage wear she has to have something in her mouth all the time.

Ring slings can be worn so many different ways.
- Front carry face to face.
- Kangaroo carry facing out.
- Hip carry
- Cradle (Bubbles favourite)
and if your game enough on your back.

Head over to Lukki Bubba to check out more of her slings and support handmade. I like the Japanese print sling too...hehe.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Moo's Neck Warmer...

Moo has been off school with pharyngitis for the last 3 days. Rather than have her sit in front of the TV for hours and hours I agreed she could make something on with Veronica my sewing machine.

So she rummage through a bag of fabrics and choose the ones Helen had given me from The Wacky Wardrobe off cuts. She even managed to make a wrist warmer too!!

In total she sewed 28 individual squares together then added the pink lining leaving both ends open to turn in the right way. I am so impressed that she listened to my instructions and put my knowledge to use and even asked for help when she needed it. Moo and I often bang heads over school homework and I leave it for Carlos to help her with. This was definitely a mother daughter bonding experience.

Moo is so happy that she made it all by herself that I suggested she enter it in the Living Creatively scarf competition which she eagerly dictated for me to type up and send off on her behalf.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bubbles Purple Dinosaur...

Remember Jess made Bubble a whole heap of felt hair clips... if not check them out here. I wanted to make Bubble a matching top for the Brontosaurus hair clip. Well she had a massive sleep today and I managed to sit a make one for her...YAY!!

One plan white bonds top size 00 from the treasure shop - 50c
Ouch pants from the treasure shop - $1
Remnant fabric - $1.50
Hand made felt hair clip - $12
Bubble sleeping so Mummy can make her a matching shirt...Priceless


Dinosaur Curtains

Well Bear, Bubble and I went to a garage sale and we picked up more toy dinosaurs. One is a red Velociraptor finger puppet. I also picked up 2 curtains which were still new in their packaging for $5... yep bargain!
So my question to you my lovely blog readers is...

What should I make with these curtains for Bear?
I want to make something different... So more than a pillow case, boxer shorts... there is plenty of material so don't be shy with ideas.
Excuse the indoor photo it's pouring rain outside...

I also picked these up from the Treasure Shop.
Lou from Buttons By Lou Lou has me obsessed with button jewelry and accessories.

They are 4 fabric covered metal brooches... I am assuming vintage although I am no expert.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Perro...

Rebekah Girl is heading back to America to see her family including Jessica who I made the pram liner for and who made Bubble those wonderful felt hair clips. I couldn't let Bek go back without taking some handmade things I have been working on for baby Grace.

The theme is "Perro" which is Spanish for dog.
2 baby bibs and a taggy made from recycled denim, ribbon and some fabric sample swatches I was given.

I couldn't do much with the fabric pieces individually but sew some pieces together and you have enough to play with.

...and of course a Happy Scrappy Brooch for Jess.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We're going on a MooBear Hunt...

Our Hunt day has arrived so head over to the MooBear shop and have a look around for a coat hanger with a key word then head over to Kids Fashion Review and register your details with our key word to win. There are over $8000 worth of prizes to win and you have to be in it to win it!!

Totally unrelated to the Hunt... here are some photos of Bear searching for dinosaurs in our back yard in his Bubble Factory shirt.

I tell you he is obsessed... we need to stop feeding his obsession soon!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday I Can't Wait... till our hot water is back on!!! This morning we all had to shower using buckets filled with boiling water then cooled with cold.
I felt like I was back on my family's Island in Vanutau, where we had a big fancy bath right out of the Edwardian period only there was no running hot water. Everything had to be boiled then cooled. In the end I would just go down to the blue holes and swim with my cousins in the fresh water instead. Argh the Island life of a young teen.

Me (do I need to tell you which one is me??) and some of my cousins back in 1999

This photo is too funny not to put in. I didn't trust this bridge at all but it was either risk it or swim. I figured with Brian in front he would fall first and I would be safe. Jules decided he would show off and walk along the log. You can guess what happened next. I nearly fell off the bridge from laughing so hard when jules fell on his...ummm... jewels. HAHA.

On my "It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait" look around I stopped at Nikki's blog My Black Cardigan.
She has found a fabulous way to make onsies into long sleeve onsies she found a tutorial by Samster Mommy which I think I am going to have to use. I have a stack of T-shirts readdy to be chopped up into baby long sleeves. While I am at it I might make Bear some too!!!

For Tuesday fun check our Button by Lou Lou blog for a list of other bloggers playing along... it get s longer and longer each week!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

MooBear And SEWN Give Away... WINNERS

Our first give away has been so much fun.
We received so many entries and wonderful feed back.
Thank You to everyone who took the time to stop by and enter our give away.

OKay lets get the winners announced...

Moo and Bear removed all the dinosaurs from the big dinosaur box. We left them on our back step to be our audience and boy were they a rowdy crowd.

Then we placed all the entries into the big dinosaur box and mixed them up ready to choose some winners... We decided it wasn't fair for Bear to choose a winner so Moo also choose a 2nd place winner... Even better!!

The winner of Moo's Tree Hugger design and my Happy Scrappy Brooch goes too...

GRYHUND who left a comment in the post.

The 2nd prize Moo decided will be one of the new Happy Scrappy Brooches I have been working on. A double layered brooch great for scarves and hats and well... anything really... winner is...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

All The Love In The World..

I just have to share this with you all.
My friend Tina in Melbourne made me a fantastic crocheted blanket in all the colours of the rainbow, better still its in the shape of a star!!

...Twinkle Twinkle...

The kids tend to argue over who gets to use it but in the end Bubble gets first choice as it was a baby shower gift. I had to email Tina and ask her how the hell to wash it because 9mths down the track it is time for wool wash... I think I might wait till my Mum comes over on a really sunny day and get her to go through each step. I am scared I'll ruin it.

Moo wrapped up.

Bear wrapped up
Bubble wrapped up

Friday, June 5, 2009

World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment Day we have found some books for the kids.

It Zwibble!!

The book on the left was read to me over and over again as a child in the 80's. Then Bear found it. He seems to have found a treasure trove of my child hood toys because he keeps bringing me things like my clogs. The 2nd book Carlos picked up from our local op shop. I screamed when he showed me because I haven't been able to find an It Zwibble book anywhere.

It Zwibble is a dinosaur fairy from far far away. He comes to Earth to save millions of dinosaur eggs. He teaches the star touched baby dinosaurs to look after Earth and the animals who live here and together they achieve big things.

These stories combines a few things that Moobear stands for
Dinosaurs Fairies (that's for Bear)
plus we bought it from an Op Shop

We'll be reading them both tonight!!

Hungry Mama Goes Live

I am so so so excited for my Bizness Babes friend Cassie. She has just announced the launch of her new business and web site Hungry Mama.

Hungry Mama offers a range of gourmet food hampers for new mums providing a thoughtful and truly mum-focused gift. Sometimes it's nice to receive things that aren't flowers and chocolate. The hamper's also come with pregnancy no no's like soft cheeses... Oh how I missed my soft cheeses.

This is my favourite. So when I have Baby Number 4 ...lol... this is what my family and friends can get for me!!! Now there is no excuse as I have put it out there!!!

I organsied to send a hamper to my friend Tina in Melbourne with some girlfriends and it arrived 1 hour after she gave birth!! How's that for timing. Delivery is regional and interstate with hampers varying slightly.

So next time you find out a friend is expecting give Hungry Mama a go. I think you'll find the thought will go a long long way.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Craft Schmaft inspiration

On Monday I went to the graduation of Group 5 Bizness Babes. I had a great time meeting a new group of woman who were now empowered to take the next step and start their own business!! I didn't get to meet everyone but I am sure I will at the next meeting. One person I did meet was Claire from Craft Schmaft. She has very awesome sock toys you just can't go past. Just check out Mix Tape Molly who kicks arse over any sock monkey I have seen or made!!! You can find her at Matilda's Markets and hopefully she has an online buying option for people like me who just can't bare to drag 3 kids around the markets... remember the Finders Keepers incident

So I thought I would give one her projects a try using all recycled materials and off cuts and this is what we ended up with...
Find out more about how he came to be here and other tag monsters here.

Wouldn't it be nice if the world were made of purple corduroy!!

Thanks Claire for having a great pattern for us to try... and I will get hold of a Mix Tape Molly some how!!