Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Treasure Shopping

Carlos and I are a little bit pleased with ourselves today!! We called past our local op shop after school and found a bed side table which Carlos thought would be perfect between our 2 seater couch and massive speaker. Usually this space is occupied by a heater or fan during the year.

It is the piece that completes our lounge room.
sshh it only cost us $12 hehe

These are the other 2 pieces in our lounge which I thought we'd share

This is a record player cabinet we rescued from a friend. The bottom holds all your records but for us its board games and box set DVDs. The top has a latch witch opens up to expose a shelf for your record player. Our photo's and after beer sit on top.

This is our tv cabinet which was was grandparents chest of draws with a massive mirror attached to the back. It had been sitting in our garage for years when Carlos asked about it. We took the mirror off and viola instant tv cabinet.

So all 3 pieces work together nicely wouldn't you say??!!

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