Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Happy Scrappy Brooch...

More Happy Scrappy Brooches
I am going to make a whole heap for my madeit store.

These 2 we're made for my friend Pei-Shan. We met through Bizness Babes and she now has an online store Ash N Juls dedicated to offering alternatives to plastic!!

Large Circular Happy Scrappy Brooch
Includes 2 buttons.
Measures about 12cm

Medium Circular Happy Scrappy Brooch
Measures about 8cm

While the children were asleep yesterday I made 5 small triangle happy brooches for the girls at the vet down the road. It's their 1st Birthday and they are having a Massive Party tomorrow!! So if your in the area you should came past!!

This is my one which is teenie!! I used the left overs from Bear's Rar!
No Waste Here!!


  1. They are absolutely darling! :)

    Found you via the Sew Mama Sew giveaway. Of course I signed up to win yours! lol But after looking through your blog I wanted to bestow upon you an award! You can come by my blog to pick it up! (Or - you'd rather not that's okay too! Just know I think you ROCK!) :)

  2. I love your brooches! They are cute-can't wait to see more :-)

  3. Momo just freaked out when I came to your website and she saw "her" Pom-Pom!

    Pom-Pom is actually a pony. "Poneigh" to be exact. Made by Gund. I've been keeping my eye out for another because you know one day something bad is going to happen to him. He gets lost, gets thrown out the window, SOMETHING. Then our lives will be over as we know it! The wrath of a 2-year old is not something I want to experience! lol