Monday, May 18, 2009

Moo Booties

When Moo was little I made her a dress with my mums help. We used a pattern and I wasn't very confident at all. I went on maternity leave when I was still pregnant with Bear I started to create more. Now I will tackle anything. Zippers use to scare me, pockets too. Not anymore. Definitely having my mum on phone support was a massive help as well as her sewing machine hehe. I believe I inherited my creative side from my Mum. I remember when I use to go visiting her place we would always do something crafty. I would always come home to my Grandparents house with something new I had made all by myself and felt so proud. I still get this feeling when I finish my projects today.
So thank you Mum for nurturing my creative crafty side...MWAH!

So I made Bubble another pair of booties from the remnant pieces that Tina sent me. They are just too sweet. Cow print & "moo". If I had the confidence I have now back when Moo was little I would have made these for her!

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