Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Locate My Hair Dresser...

Have you ever had a hairdresser who just knew how you wanted your hair cut and styled?!
Then without warning they left you in the dark with no way of contacting them? Since then no hairdresser has even come close to filling their shoes.

Zoe has taken this empty feeling and turned it into a directory where you can find that hairdresser again.

When my hairdresser relocated overseas I thought my life was over! I discovered through searching on Locate My Hairdresser that he was back in Australia! My little heart was so happy and so was my hair. Four years and 9mths he was gone for. I was badly overdue for a new style and cut! One week after he arrived back in Sydney I made an appointment and he came to me and style my hair!

So if I can find my hair dresser on Locate My Hairdresser then odds are pretty good that you can too!!

So go check out Zoe's site and while your there check out "Who's Hot" and you might just see a story about MooBear!!!

ps. I should let you know that my hairdresser is also my brother in-law. But I truly was devastated when he left! And rejoiced when he returned... and he is on Zoe's directory too!!

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