Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

Look-see what I got for Mother's Day!!!
I was snuggling my 3 babies and opening up my presents and guess what was inside...
Meet Me At Mikes!!!
This was such a shock because Carlos told me the book store had sold out and I believed him... I always believe him. So I was super excited. I also got the current issue of Note Book which is special as that's the magazine I found out about Bizness Babes through. A fair trade made paper bracelet, 2 cherryripes (my favourite chocolate EVER!) and a Pirates of the Caribbean 3 set PEZ dispenser.
Why you ask? Well we like our PEZ and I like Orlando Bloom.. Enough said!!

So I decided to make the first project in the book which is Teeny-tiny goody-two-shows which was contributed by Allison Jones. Bubble needed a new pair of booties and it fit the time frame which I could work with.

I made them from purple corduroy which is my favourite fabric and green bubble material from Tina's scrap fabric's which she sent up last week.

Bubble is a little excited with her new booties!!

I can't wait to make the clutch which Kara Smith contributed and the draw string case by Kristen Doran both who I have met and they are fantastic woman who have inspired my endlessly without really truly knowing it. Hopefully I get to meet more of the woman who contributed to the crafty book at The Finders Keepers on Saturday. I am going to a bit of a groupie and get them to sign my book... hehehe

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