Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Chicken!!

Carlos came out and picked up Bubble who had just woken up. We also call her The Chicken... Because she was in yellow he had a fantastic idea and asked me laughing "Can you make her a chicken hat?"

Of course I can... Using an old T-Shirt and red corduroy material from Moo's Rocket stash...

The Chicken Look!!

Also check out our new swing tags!!! All 100% recycled material and our supplier is also environmentally friendly, reducing their carbon foot print too!!

That's it I'm off to pick up Moo from school... Adios!!


  1. Great tags and very cute little chicken. So lucky to have a mum who can whip something like that up so quickly - although might not think it is lucky when it gets to photo time at the 21st birthday!