Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Great Australasian Kids Fashion Hunt

MooBear Designs is excited to be taking part in The Great Kids Fashion Hunt.
Just head over to Kids Fashion Review for all the details and sign up.
There will be prizes galore everyday.

We thought that this massive fashion hunt was such a great idea that we would have
10% off during the month of June.
So head over to our shop and let Moo and Bear design your clothes.

Moo in the t-shirt she designed!!
Moo's Flowers

'More Than Meets The Eye' Comic Book Shoes Tutorial

I am a massive fan of 'One of a Kind'. The original inspiration for these shoes was from Mia over at Cut Out And Keep. Her tutorial was fantastic so I owe her a BIG thank you for being so sharing and creative. You can check out her tutorial here along with other great crafty ideas. Be warned it is VERY addictive!!

Now I thought I would try another method as I already made a pair from a Denis the Menace comic. My tutorial starts off really simple then I completely change my approach so you can do what works for you!!

Step 1: Gather all your supplies.
- A comic book. I used Transformers as Carlos wasn't ready to part with his Star Wars ones. I picked this up from our local op shop.
- Canvas shoes. Now this is important as this is what the glue easily adheres to but by all means give a different medium a try. I bought mine from the op shop.
- PVA Glue ( I am told we have modge podge in Australia but I didn't source any)
- Pen
- Paper. I ended up changing to pattern paper as I could manipulate it much easier. Also from the op shop.

Step 1. Place your paper over the shoe and trace the outline like so. If you do it in sections you'll need to stick the pieces together. If you use 1 endless piece this makes things so much easier.
Step 2. Cut out your pieces and you should be left with something like this.

Step 3. Place the pattern over your comic. The pattern is thin enough to see through making it easier to use than paper. Then trace the sections you want to use.
Now after this I change my approach. I was going to glue the comic to the pattern but figured it was a useless step. So I just glued the pieces directly onto the shoe. This was a little but fiddly but I felt more comfortable. Once the pieces were on the shoes I gave them 2 thick coats of glue then set them in front of our heater they were dry with in an hour!! This water seals them too.

And this is what I ended up with. I made one Bumble Bee shoe and one Optimus Prime Shoe.

Bumble Bee Shoe

Bumble Bee Shoe

Optimus Prime Shoe

Optimus Prime Shoe

Back detail hehe.

These are the original ones I made.

I am still trying to figure out a better way to adheres the comic to the shoes. So if you have any ideas please please leave a comment.

I want to surprise Carlos with a Star Wars pair.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Happy Scrappy Brooch...

More Happy Scrappy Brooches
I am going to make a whole heap for my madeit store.

These 2 we're made for my friend Pei-Shan. We met through Bizness Babes and she now has an online store Ash N Juls dedicated to offering alternatives to plastic!!

Large Circular Happy Scrappy Brooch
Includes 2 buttons.
Measures about 12cm

Medium Circular Happy Scrappy Brooch
Measures about 8cm

While the children were asleep yesterday I made 5 small triangle happy brooches for the girls at the vet down the road. It's their 1st Birthday and they are having a Massive Party tomorrow!! So if your in the area you should came past!!

This is my one which is teenie!! I used the left overs from Bear's Rar!
No Waste Here!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Locate My Hair Dresser...

Have you ever had a hairdresser who just knew how you wanted your hair cut and styled?!
Then without warning they left you in the dark with no way of contacting them? Since then no hairdresser has even come close to filling their shoes.

Zoe has taken this empty feeling and turned it into a directory where you can find that hairdresser again.

When my hairdresser relocated overseas I thought my life was over! I discovered through searching on Locate My Hairdresser that he was back in Australia! My little heart was so happy and so was my hair. Four years and 9mths he was gone for. I was badly overdue for a new style and cut! One week after he arrived back in Sydney I made an appointment and he came to me and style my hair!

So if I can find my hair dresser on Locate My Hairdresser then odds are pretty good that you can too!!

So go check out Zoe's site and while your there check out "Who's Hot" and you might just see a story about MooBear!!!

ps. I should let you know that my hairdresser is also my brother in-law. But I truly was devastated when he left! And rejoiced when he returned... and he is on Zoe's directory too!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MooBear And SEWN Give Away...


I am joining in on the launch of a great new Aussie website called Sewn.

You can also enter other fabulous giveaways at Sewn, sign up to have your own giveaway, and check out who else is having a giveaway. I promise that I won't be winning all of them hehe!

I have decided to give away one of my Happy Scrappy Brooches. This is just to get an idea... You can choose the colour you would like as I would be even happier to make it especially for you!!

But Wait There's More...

I think it's about time time to give a MooBear shirt away... so you will also get a Moo's Tree Hugger shirt which is available in size 2-10 kids. I promise as soon as we launch our MooBear Adults range we'll let you know...hehe.

So now we are Super Duper Excited!!
To win, you just need to leave a comment by June 8th - which is the official SEWN giveaway date. For extra entries blog about this giveaway, Twitter, Facebook, join our mailing list over at MooBear Designs and follow our blog. Make sure to include it in your comment once it's done. Each one is an extra entry.
Open to everyone!
Names will be drawn randomly from a giant dinosaur box by Bear!

Hope you win!!

'It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...'

It's Tuesday and I can't wait... till my friend Jess back in America receives her new pram cover for Summer!! Jess sent me the felt hair clips for Bubble. Back in January she came over with baby Grace and it was our summer and she only had a super warm winter liner. So I said I would custom maker her one ready for her Summer back in America. I finally finished it and sent it back with her brother in-law.

The photo's don't do it justice!! It looks much better in the pram.

Remember all my projects use recycled materials!!

Lion Crossing detail. Hand screen printed.

Elephant detail for Grace's Dad!!
See I pay attention to what people like and surprise them with it month's down the track.

One Side.

The other side.
Thanks for Lou from Buttons By Lou Lou for starting and hosting It's Tuesday and I can't wait.... Visit Lou to see who else is playing...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Well Spotted

Tony Clayton is my T-Shirt Guru. He has a fantastic range of T-shirts on his site and through retail stores. When I first was his "Facebook" Tee I knew I had to have one. Then we discovered his risque Star Wars reference and we just had to have it as well!!
Head over to LMNOP for your free magazine and check out page 8 for their interview with Tony. You can also become a Facebook fan of Your kids in my t-shirts! Look out for Bubble and Bear while your there!!

Tony my friend, you are awesome in my eyes!!

They're not my parents, we met on Facebook

The Force Is Strong With This One!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Scrappy Brooch Tutorial

I have made so many Scrappy Brooches.
The possibilities are endless and they are great when using up the last of your fabric pieces. This tutorial is for the little ones that I make for my friends. When I make them I feel Happy and when I give them my friends feel Happy.

For this brooch you will need:
6 squares about 6 x 6cm. The bigger you make them the bigger the brooch.
A button.
A small brooch back.

Step 1. Take your first square and fold it in half to make a triangle.

Step 2. Continue to fold the squares into triangles lining them up in a windmill pattern keeping hold of the centre.

Step 3. Move the pieces around a bit till you are happy with the positioning then sew around the centre either by hand or machine.

Step 4. Sew on button and brooch backing and your done!! Wear it on your shirt, shoes, scarf, hat... the list is endless...

Here are some ideas for inspiration

Small Triangle Happy Scrappy Brooches

Big Triangle Happy Scrappy Brooch

Medium Round Happy Scrappy Brooch

Medium Round Happy Scrappy Brooch.

Big Triangular Happy Scrappy Brooch.

Have a Happy Scrappy Day!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Chicken!!

Carlos came out and picked up Bubble who had just woken up. We also call her The Chicken... Because she was in yellow he had a fantastic idea and asked me laughing "Can you make her a chicken hat?"

Of course I can... Using an old T-Shirt and red corduroy material from Moo's Rocket stash...

The Chicken Look!!

Also check out our new swing tags!!! All 100% recycled material and our supplier is also environmentally friendly, reducing their carbon foot print too!!

That's it I'm off to pick up Moo from school... Adios!!

Buttons By Lou Lou Arrived Today...

Look what arrived in the mail today from Buttons By Lou Lou!!!

I am so happy with my new Green Robot Button Ring (say that 5 times fast)

My new Green Robot Button Hair Pins!!

And a little something extra?! Matryoshka Ring...

Thank You so much for my lovely hand made button jewelry. Bubble is fascinated by my hair pins and Bear keeps asking to look at my ring. I think Moo might appreciate the Matryoshka ring. I just have to wait till she gets back from school.

The Finders Keepers

I had been looking forward to going to The Finders Keepers Market for ages. It is an independent design and art market. We all went and I even had my Meet Me At Mikes book signed by Kristen Doran, Alison Brookbanks & Shannon Lamden who all contributed to the craft book. It's great to meet woman who are creative. I find so much inspiration from just being in their presence. The rest of the day was a little stressful to say the least. Bear was over tired and screaming (always an attention drawer in very small, crowded areas). Bubble has 3 of 4 top teeth coming through (enough said). Moo was the only "good" child with us hehe.

I did manage to pick up a new badge from Shannon from Aunty Cookie "Craft is the new Black" which I believe it is!! I also bought some of her off cuts which are too cut. When I have a project in mind you'll be the first to know. The "I heart op shops" I bought from My Messy Room. So after we left the markets a little worse for wear I bought a chai and we headed home for some much need rest.
There will be another Designers Market closer to Christmas. When it come that time I am leaving everyone at home and doing it on my own so I can suck up all the lovely creative energy which is buzzing around inside!!
Sounds Fair To Me!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Moo Booties

When Moo was little I made her a dress with my mums help. We used a pattern and I wasn't very confident at all. I went on maternity leave when I was still pregnant with Bear I started to create more. Now I will tackle anything. Zippers use to scare me, pockets too. Not anymore. Definitely having my mum on phone support was a massive help as well as her sewing machine hehe. I believe I inherited my creative side from my Mum. I remember when I use to go visiting her place we would always do something crafty. I would always come home to my Grandparents house with something new I had made all by myself and felt so proud. I still get this feeling when I finish my projects today.
So thank you Mum for nurturing my creative crafty side...MWAH!

So I made Bubble another pair of booties from the remnant pieces that Tina sent me. They are just too sweet. Cow print & "moo". If I had the confidence I have now back when Moo was little I would have made these for her!

Happy Scrappy Brooch...

I was feeling a little sad last week... I forget why but I felt better making these brooches. So I called them my Happy Brooches.

These three were made for Helen from The Wacky Wardrobe and Jacki and Felicia from KissKiss HugHug. I used the fabrics they gave me to make them a little something special. It certainly feels nice to give a little back to the people who love and support what you do. I also sent one to Lou from Buttons by Lou Lou for being so understanding about my order for a new Robot button Ring... Check out her buttons shop, Madeit and Etsy store. They are so addictive!! I have warned you!!

Helen has been working on some winter dress up clothes which Bubble got to test out on Thursday. She become my little Lady Bird. Once Helen has them available on her site I'll be sure to let you all know.

Jacki and Felicia have added a fantastic new BFP (Breast Feeding Pillow) to their ever expanding range of Mum and Bub products to help with making Breast Feeding easier and simpler AND stylish. I am a big supporter of Breast Feeding. So pop over to their shop and have a look around. I can personally vouch for their Breast Feeding Covers... I still use mine today!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Felt Hair Clips...

My girlfriend Jessica over in America has been a busy woman. She has been creating felt hair clips and has been emailing me for my input on her creations. She has a little baby girl who is 5 days younger than Bubble.

She loves making the custom designs which often are made to match an out fit. So it was a massive shock to open the little parcel and find MooBear inspired clips. I am so excited...

How fantastic are they?!! Based on Moo's Earth & Tree Hugger

Based on Moo's Rocket & Bear's Rar!
I am making Bubble a matching T-shirt to go with the brontosaurus clip...

Can't go wrong with flowers...

3D Butterflies...

Lady Bugs... or Lady Beetles... take your pick.

Watermelon. I love these colours.

Feeling patriotic & cup cakes are a favourite...

Matryoshka... love the detail.

Grace has heaps more hair than Bubble and I didn't think they would work yet...


Jessica Girl... You never fail to surprise me girl!!
Thank You for Bubbles new Hair clips.
Now which to wear first...hmmm