Monday, April 13, 2009

Sewing with Moo & Bear!!!

Today Moo, Bear & Mummy have been very crafty.
I was determined not to turn the TV on this morning (and hopefully every morning during the school holidays). Bear and I made him a truck shape pillow from the left over fabric of a pillow case. We talked about the colours, shapes and what each trucks job was. He sat on my lap the entire time. I sewed the pieces on and he took the pins out and held down the back stitch button. He had an absolute ball. After we took these photo's he went straight to bed eager to try his new truck pillow out.

Bear also has matching PJ shorts

The "I'm ready to sleep now" look.
Maybe I should make a pillow every morning...

This was Moo's project this morning.
A coffee jar pin cushion.
Inside are all her favourite buttons.
Moo took the photo as she was the one who made it.
She also is a little obsessed with taking photos at the moment.
The project is based on the one on Craft Puddings blog.

Yesterday Moo made herself a felt brooch from a kit she got for her birthday.
We both have an eye for colour.
If you would like the instructions just send me an email and I'll forward them to you!!
See how nice I am... I want everyone to have fun crafting.

Today has been a success!!!


  1. that is awesome!!!! i am now a follower on your blog! Follow me :D

  2. gorgeoussss mmuch?
    nice work team r!!
    cant wait to see you guys.

  3. Moo's brooch is gorgeous! I am going to show this picture to my 8yo daughter in the morning - she will love it too! My girl want's to know if she can have a blog!!! Wonder how many other 8yo's have a craft blog out there:)

  4. Hi again Stephanie - thanks for commenting on my blog! My email is Cheers

  5. super cute! i'll have to do a pillow project with my lil one! looks like fun :)

  6. all I can think of is ... Im a bad mother! lol I really need to become a crafty Mum like you! Very cool that you include your kids you have inspired me. Now all I have to do is actually find something crafty that I could actually do with them. I do have a sewing machine (not that i have used it once)im afraid it will bite me lol or my mum will if i break it!! She said she wouldn't but im still worried. Maybe you can give me some sewing lessons S?
    Love your blog :)

  7. Awww I'm so glad I have inspired you guys. It is so easy to do quick projects. Moo likes fast results... Bear is happy to wait a little longer. You know your kids best. And Embrace the sewing machine!!! Sew squares in zig zag... I'll happily teach anybody!!!

  8. Ha ha well you might have to come to visit and share your sewing know-how with me!!