Thursday, April 30, 2009

MooBear's Beginnings Part 3.

Moo's Earth

Her love for our planet and the up coming Earth Hour event in March were the inspiration for this design. She drew a collection of Earth pictures then we cut out the pieces we liked best and arranged them till we were happy with our planet.

So Moo's Earth is a combination of a few drawings.

Then we chose denim to make the ocean and the countries and we were extremely pleased with the result.

Moo's favourite colour is green.
These shirts are available at our MooBear Designs Shop.

Bubble Factory

Now the origins of this shirt are a little different. The design is taken from two ceramic pots I designed back in Year 11. They have always been on display along with all of our family's art work and one day Moo suggested we make a shirt with the design... only that instead of yucky smoke coming out of the chimney stacks, we have green bubbles.
It also represents our 3rd born, Bubble who I was pregnant with at the time we made it and thought it was perfectly suited.

These are the pots I designed in Yr11.

Other side of the pots.

This is Bear in the first Bubble Factory when he was 2 years old.

This is Bear in the shirts we have available at our MooBear Designs Shop.

That wraps up all 6 designs and how they came about. Don't forget to leave a comment if you visited... it makes our day!!


  1. Hi Stephanie - MooBearDesigns is looking great. I wish you all the best. Ian.

  2. Thanks Ian!! We Rock!! Big hugs to those gorgeous kids of yours!!

    xo Steoh

  3. I just read about you guys in the Inner West Courier online - I am a Summer Hill local so the article jumped out at me. You have a fabulous, fun, creative business and I wish you lots of success! I'll be visiting your website next time I need to buy a pressie for my little niece! Cheers, Jane