Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MooBear's Beginnings Part 2.

Moo's Tree Hugger

Would you believe I can't find the original Tree used in Moo's Tree Hugger design. I feel so bad although I do know it isn't laminated. Nothing has changed from her original drawing from 2006. We just added Hug Me because everyone should!

This is Bear when he was 2 years old wearing the first one we made using the same terry towel fabric from the Rocket windows, Moo's denim jeans and purple corduroy for letters.

We made this one for our neighbour who wanted the design a bit more boyish.

This is a scanned imaged to show the hand stitched detail.

And this is what we have today. We decided to screen print the Hug Me as it is far too tedious to cut and sew little letters. Now the tree is actually saying Hug Me and you can't ignore it!!
This shirt is available from our MooBear Designs Shop.

Bear's Rar!

I am sure out in Blog Land there are people who know how obsessive children get. Whether it's girls and ballet or boys and trains there is always something they latch onto and you don't stop hearing about it day after day after day!!
Bear's obsession is Dinosaurs. Before he could string a sentence together he called them by the sound they made. So one day the kids and I used fabric markers to decorate the back piece of a quilt we were making. Bear as always needed a Rar to be drawn and as always I obliged. This time I thought I would draw a T-Rex.
This is what we ended up with... I am a much better sewer than I am a drawer!!

This is the flip side of the quilt. We used all our old clothes including Moo's Pajama's from when she was a baby, Carlos' shirts, my purple Corduroy pants, fabric from my first high school projects, Bear's T-shirts...Oh and a milo shirt... The MooBear Family Loves MILO...

From the quilt came Bear's Rar doona panel which I made especially for Big Boy Bear to help transition him from his cot to his big boy bed. We needed the cot for Bubble and I had to make the big boy bed sound truly magnificent. He still uses it today.

From Bear's Rar doona panel we decided together we would make him his own T-shirt. He choose the colours for the doona and carried it through to his shirt continuing to use recycled materials... even my purple corduroy pants. That's his hand helping too.
Here is the finished product.
This shirt is available at our MooBear Designs Shop.

The final 2 designs will be added tomorrow... see you then.


  1. Love Moo's Tree Hugger! Stopping by from Skout to follow and say hello :)

  2. I can't wait to get my Rar! shirt....I mean Keane's Rar! shirt.
    And I think it's great how you are telling us how these shirts came about, makes them all the more special.

  3. Brenda with the feed back we're getting you'll have your own adult Rar! soon enough hahaha...

    Thanks for stopping by... you made my day!!