Monday, April 20, 2009

MooBear Photo Shoot...

We were suppose to have some friends come along to a fun filled photo session day on Friday but Bear has Chicken Pox (that's twice in his 3yr life) so we had to postpone the shoot for another day... But that didn't stop us from taking some great photos..

It's also a sneek peek into the some of the colours we will have available when our online store opens in 2 wks...AAAAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHHHH!!

These are just a few candid photo's that we took ( there are over 300 in total.. now that's a lot of photo's)

Moo in Moo's Flowers
She cracks herself up!!

Moo and I in Moo's Flowers
Moo on key board and me on guitar.
Rock On!

Moo and Bear in Moo's Rocket
Light Blue and Indigo

Bear in Moo's Rocket
Light Blue

Moo in Moo's Earth
Where's Sydney Moo?

Moo in Moo's Earth

Bear in Moo's Tree Hugger
Drama Drama Drama!!!

Moo and I in Moo's Earth

Bear in Bubble Factory
Playing Hide and Seek