Tuesday, April 7, 2009

KissKiss HugHug

I have some fantastic friends who I have made from doing the Bizness Babes course. I hope I get to mention them all on my blog. Jacki from kisskiss hughug she is wonderful and always ready to answer my silly questions about business and always has words of encouragement when I need to hear them most. Between us we had a swap. I made her a MooBear Special order shirt for a BFC (breastfeeding cover).

A couple of weeks ago I rescued her wonderful variety of off cuts that are left over from the BFC's. I have been using them to make little things in my own time. It's my own reward for doing all the crazy MooBear things. One of the many projects included a baby bib which coordinated perfectly with my BFC. I love it!! So does Jacki. What do you think?

This is the bib I made using denim and Jacki's off cuts. So so pretty!

This is Charlotte (Jacki's daughter) in her Special order shirt.
Very special as Bird was one of her first words.

This is my own BFC. I wish I had one of these for my first 2 babies... and it's occurred to me I haven't put up a photo of Bubble. Well she is in this photo but you can't see her. I shall find a worthy photo of her right now!!

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