Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buttons Anyone?!

A wonderful friend of mine was clearing out some of her things and gave us all her buttons. These were amongst the collect and I just had to share the colours and textures with you. I don't know which ones I like more.
I'll be making some brooches for sure.

A rainbow of buttons.
If you like what you see leave a comment below and I would be happy to send you a small hand full.

Treasure in our own back yard.

Big Buttons.


  1. Steph, how big is the metal bitton with the swirl pattern on it? I like it!!

  2. It has a 3.5cm diameter... Very swishy!!

  3. I don't need any of them but I love the colourful ones at the top. They look like a good size too.

  4. Fee I am going to make you a brooch lol... and i'll put a button on it for you!!! hehe