Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bizness Babes

Today Bubble and I took a short train trip into the city with some paper work & to see Aunty Chrissy from Bizness Babes. Before we left I whipped up a scrappy brooch in 5mins. I have it down to an art now.

She is such a wonderful ball of enthusiasm & encouragement that I left feeling up lifted. She had refilled my glass of water which can run a little low at times. I met Chrissy 7 mths & 2wks ago. Why would I possibly know that? Because I started the business course with Chrissy and 14 other woman at 38 wks pregnant. Isn't that just insane!! Chrissy knew how much I wanted to do the course so we made it work! I actually gave birth the day after a Monday workshop which meant missing one day. And yes I actually thought about going in the same afternoon I gave birth but that was because of all the "mummy" chemicals running through my body.

Needless to say I attended all the following work shops and graduated along side some of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Chrissy along with a great team of woman has helped us get MooBear where it is today... and tomorrow... thanks Chrissy Girl You rock!!


  1. Oh gee Steph Girl, I'm tickled pink by your lovely words. Thanks so much but you know you all make my job the best in the world - love your enthusiasm and 'just do it' attitude. Go Moobear - you all rock too! And I love my brooch, am wearing it with everything :)

  2. Here Here Steph. I agree 100% Chrissy is awesome and I love her too!!

  3. Love the broach by the way! Is this going to be another fab fave found at Moo Bear Designs? Maybe it will be a MummyMooBear Design :) <3

  4. Haha the brooch is great hey?! I used some of the fabric from Jackie (hughugkisskiss) I might have to open my own little Made It shop hehe