Thursday, April 9, 2009

Belly Bumps To Baby Hugs Photo Shoot

So I have been busy taking more product photo's for friends. This time in return I got to keep the Red Ring Sling. I must tell you I have never been a ring sling mum. Moo was a Hug A Bub baby and it was perfect for her. Bear was and sometimes still is a Peanut Shell baby which was perfect for him. Bubble is officially a Ring Sling Baby. She has tried everything but we both love our new sling.

The first time I put her in to try it out she fell asleep instantly so no photos that day...

The next day we had fun with learning how to use the sling. Only she was more interested in the camera strap at this point.

And this is our new sling!!!

It's funny because I have to be careful what colours I wear now. I don't think wearing my green striped dress would work in my favour. Thank you Kim we both love our new sling. Call past Belly bumps to Baby hugs for other colour choices... I remember seeing a purple one...hmmm purple tastes nice.


  1. I really NEED a baby sling but can't quite work out what sort, my bub is only 4 weeks old and we are constantly in and out doing the school run and soforth so - Thanks for the link! Love love lARVE the red polka dots!

  2. ooh i like it!! it looks very exotic
    you got style steph.. *pats hair* UR BEAUTIFUL