Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Leggings Tutorial.

Today I had organised a MooBear photo shoot but we had to cancel as Bear has chicken pox... for the 2nd time in his 3 year life. So instead I will post my first tutorial which I am a little excited about. I love tutorials they are fantastic. So this is really simple!

You honestly can't go wrong.

Baby leggings can be used as arm warmers & leg warmers for all ages. They make great baby gifts too. I love them as I don't have to cart jumpers around or fiddle to change nappies. Moo & Bear share a black pair while Bubble has 3 of her own. All made from recycling socks which were too small for Moo when I bought them.

Step 1. Find a fun pair off socks. I am using Moo's old socks which have a hole in one heel.
Step 2. Cut off the heels and toes like so.

Step 3. Discard the heel & toes or recycle them and make a new project. If you think of one let me know as I have a few heel and toes floating around.

Step 4. Using the lower foot piece turn them inside each other wrong sides together. This will be the bottom cuffs.

Step 5. Now just place the leg pieces into each cuff like so.

Step 6. Then sew around using zig zag stitch or your trusty over locker.

Step 7. Turn them out the right way and you have a new pair of leggings or armlings.

Step 8. Wear them with spunk and a lot of attitude....

Leave a comment if you decide to make some. If you put photos up I would love to see them so send me a link.


  1. Sorry Im not that smart but I just had to leave a comment to say how smart you are!!

  2. Haha... I think I'm smart too.. but this is more resourceful!! Thanks for commenting!!

  3. It inspires me to visit your blog. One day I may just try and do some of your funky projects :)