Thursday, April 30, 2009

MooBear's Beginnings Part 3.

Moo's Earth

Her love for our planet and the up coming Earth Hour event in March were the inspiration for this design. She drew a collection of Earth pictures then we cut out the pieces we liked best and arranged them till we were happy with our planet.

So Moo's Earth is a combination of a few drawings.

Then we chose denim to make the ocean and the countries and we were extremely pleased with the result.

Moo's favourite colour is green.
These shirts are available at our MooBear Designs Shop.

Bubble Factory

Now the origins of this shirt are a little different. The design is taken from two ceramic pots I designed back in Year 11. They have always been on display along with all of our family's art work and one day Moo suggested we make a shirt with the design... only that instead of yucky smoke coming out of the chimney stacks, we have green bubbles.
It also represents our 3rd born, Bubble who I was pregnant with at the time we made it and thought it was perfectly suited.

These are the pots I designed in Yr11.

Other side of the pots.

This is Bear in the first Bubble Factory when he was 2 years old.

This is Bear in the shirts we have available at our MooBear Designs Shop.

That wraps up all 6 designs and how they came about. Don't forget to leave a comment if you visited... it makes our day!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MooBear's Beginnings Part 2.

Moo's Tree Hugger

Would you believe I can't find the original Tree used in Moo's Tree Hugger design. I feel so bad although I do know it isn't laminated. Nothing has changed from her original drawing from 2006. We just added Hug Me because everyone should!

This is Bear when he was 2 years old wearing the first one we made using the same terry towel fabric from the Rocket windows, Moo's denim jeans and purple corduroy for letters.

We made this one for our neighbour who wanted the design a bit more boyish.

This is a scanned imaged to show the hand stitched detail.

And this is what we have today. We decided to screen print the Hug Me as it is far too tedious to cut and sew little letters. Now the tree is actually saying Hug Me and you can't ignore it!!
This shirt is available from our MooBear Designs Shop.

Bear's Rar!

I am sure out in Blog Land there are people who know how obsessive children get. Whether it's girls and ballet or boys and trains there is always something they latch onto and you don't stop hearing about it day after day after day!!
Bear's obsession is Dinosaurs. Before he could string a sentence together he called them by the sound they made. So one day the kids and I used fabric markers to decorate the back piece of a quilt we were making. Bear as always needed a Rar to be drawn and as always I obliged. This time I thought I would draw a T-Rex.
This is what we ended up with... I am a much better sewer than I am a drawer!!

This is the flip side of the quilt. We used all our old clothes including Moo's Pajama's from when she was a baby, Carlos' shirts, my purple Corduroy pants, fabric from my first high school projects, Bear's T-shirts...Oh and a milo shirt... The MooBear Family Loves MILO...

From the quilt came Bear's Rar doona panel which I made especially for Big Boy Bear to help transition him from his cot to his big boy bed. We needed the cot for Bubble and I had to make the big boy bed sound truly magnificent. He still uses it today.

From Bear's Rar doona panel we decided together we would make him his own T-shirt. He choose the colours for the doona and carried it through to his shirt continuing to use recycled materials... even my purple corduroy pants. That's his hand helping too.
Here is the finished product.
This shirt is available at our MooBear Designs Shop.

The final 2 designs will be added tomorrow... see you then.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MooBear's Beginnings Part 1.

Moo's Rocket

We thought we would take you back to the beginning where MooBear Designs first started. Our designs predominantly come from Moo's drawings. One of the first designs was Moo's Rocket.

This is the original drawing she drew back in 2006 when she was 5 years old. Yep we still have it. I even laminated it! As you can see we stayed as true to the drawing today as we did for the first Rocket. Moo and I made her friend Paul a Rocket shirt for his birthday.

This is Bear in his own Rocket when he was 17mths.
He wore it till it was falling apart. His Rocket was made from the hem of a pair of my corduroy pants, Moo's purple T-shirt, Moo's red corduroy overalls, Moo's green terry towel overalls and Moo's denim jeans. We like corduroy a lot... can you tell?!

This Rocket was one of the first ones made when we were experimenting with colour combination. We also made our friend Tina a girl Rocket using pinks and purples for her daughter.

This is Bear in our shirts we have available in our MooBear Designs Shop.
They are available in 3 different colours.

Moo's Flowers

This is the original drawing she drew back in 2006 when she was 5 years old. Yep we still have this one too and yep I laminated it!

This is baby Bubble only 4 hours old on 24th Sept 2008. What better way to bring her home than in her own MooBear shirt designed by her older sister and made by her Mum. I actually had to make her a Rocket as well because we didn't know what we were having.
The flower stems are made from fabric place mats and still are today.

These are the flower's today. We use a mix of purple and pinks using printed skirts, girls pants, denim and dresses. The green centre of the flower on the right is the same fabric we used on Bear's Rocket 2 years ago. We don't throw anything out.

This is Moo in the shirts we have available in our MooBear Designs Shop.

So there you have it... That's the Beginning of MooBear Designs.
Tomorrow I will add another 2 designs.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Buttons By Lou Lou Competition...

My friends over at Buttons By Lou Lou are having a competition. I am going through a button phase if you haven't noticed. My favourite hair accessory is a good ol' fabric button slipped onto a bobby pin then place to the side above my ear! It's so easy and you can use different combinations...

Head on over to her site and check out all the glorious button accessories. The prize will be a pair of earrings, a pair of hair elastics and a set of 3 sewing buttons.

Well what are you waiting for?! Go check it out!!

School Holidays

These School Holidays have been extremely busy what with our store launching and having to entertain 3 kids. But we did it! So check out our site MooBear Designs and have a browse through our shop before anyone else does.

Think of it as an exclusive pre view just for VIP's

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MooBearing Around

So we all know Bear had chicken pox.. well one of his friends Keane was still keen ( hehe I couldn't help myself) to come round and play... So we threw some shirts on the boys and got snap happy. They didn't mind one little bit!!

Thanks Brenda for coming round

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bizness Babes

Today Bubble and I took a short train trip into the city with some paper work & to see Aunty Chrissy from Bizness Babes. Before we left I whipped up a scrappy brooch in 5mins. I have it down to an art now.

She is such a wonderful ball of enthusiasm & encouragement that I left feeling up lifted. She had refilled my glass of water which can run a little low at times. I met Chrissy 7 mths & 2wks ago. Why would I possibly know that? Because I started the business course with Chrissy and 14 other woman at 38 wks pregnant. Isn't that just insane!! Chrissy knew how much I wanted to do the course so we made it work! I actually gave birth the day after a Monday workshop which meant missing one day. And yes I actually thought about going in the same afternoon I gave birth but that was because of all the "mummy" chemicals running through my body.

Needless to say I attended all the following work shops and graduated along side some of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Chrissy along with a great team of woman has helped us get MooBear where it is today... and tomorrow... thanks Chrissy Girl You rock!!

Buttons Anyone?!

A wonderful friend of mine was clearing out some of her things and gave us all her buttons. These were amongst the collect and I just had to share the colours and textures with you. I don't know which ones I like more.
I'll be making some brooches for sure.

A rainbow of buttons.
If you like what you see leave a comment below and I would be happy to send you a small hand full.

Treasure in our own back yard.

Big Buttons.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Purple Rar!

This I believe was the last shirt we needed for our photo shoot.
We thought it would be nice to have a girl Rar! So the Green Rar now has a friend.

These are just 3 of Bears 100 dinosaurs. I'm not kidding he has over 100.
They often play in our back and I guarantee there is a Rar in every room of our house!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

MooBear Photo Shoot...

We were suppose to have some friends come along to a fun filled photo session day on Friday but Bear has Chicken Pox (that's twice in his 3yr life) so we had to postpone the shoot for another day... But that didn't stop us from taking some great photos..

It's also a sneek peek into the some of the colours we will have available when our online store opens in 2 wks...AAAAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHHHH!!

These are just a few candid photo's that we took ( there are over 300 in total.. now that's a lot of photo's)

Moo in Moo's Flowers
She cracks herself up!!

Moo and I in Moo's Flowers
Moo on key board and me on guitar.
Rock On!

Moo and Bear in Moo's Rocket
Light Blue and Indigo

Bear in Moo's Rocket
Light Blue

Moo in Moo's Earth
Where's Sydney Moo?

Moo in Moo's Earth

Bear in Moo's Tree Hugger
Drama Drama Drama!!!

Moo and I in Moo's Earth

Bear in Bubble Factory
Playing Hide and Seek

Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Leggings Tutorial.

Today I had organised a MooBear photo shoot but we had to cancel as Bear has chicken pox... for the 2nd time in his 3 year life. So instead I will post my first tutorial which I am a little excited about. I love tutorials they are fantastic. So this is really simple!

You honestly can't go wrong.

Baby leggings can be used as arm warmers & leg warmers for all ages. They make great baby gifts too. I love them as I don't have to cart jumpers around or fiddle to change nappies. Moo & Bear share a black pair while Bubble has 3 of her own. All made from recycling socks which were too small for Moo when I bought them.

Step 1. Find a fun pair off socks. I am using Moo's old socks which have a hole in one heel.
Step 2. Cut off the heels and toes like so.

Step 3. Discard the heel & toes or recycle them and make a new project. If you think of one let me know as I have a few heel and toes floating around.

Step 4. Using the lower foot piece turn them inside each other wrong sides together. This will be the bottom cuffs.

Step 5. Now just place the leg pieces into each cuff like so.

Step 6. Then sew around using zig zag stitch or your trusty over locker.

Step 7. Turn them out the right way and you have a new pair of leggings or armlings.

Step 8. Wear them with spunk and a lot of attitude....

Leave a comment if you decide to make some. If you put photos up I would love to see them so send me a link.