Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Treasures And Special Order...

I just have to share this skirt I found at our local Treasure Shop (aka St Vinnies) I fell in love with it instantly.
1. It has skull and cross bones which appeals to my inner Punk.
2. It has a hand stitched pink, felt, pony which is just too cute...hehe. With a $2 price tag I couldn't say no.

Now I did say I wasn't doing any more one-offs or Special Order MooBear shirts but when my friend at Baby Cakes asked if I could do her an order for her new nieces and nephew I jumped at the opportunity. Luca, Julia & Tiana now have their own personalised shirts.

Their big sister Olivia also has her own personalised shirt.


  1. $2?? That's the best deal ever!
    Ooo loving the personalised shirts....I might take up sewing again....paaahahhahahahaha

  2. Brother Basil is marrying Veronica lol... so keep 21st July 2009 free...