Saturday, March 21, 2009

Speak & Spell...

WOW!!! Moo and I got up early to see what we could find at a garage sale down the road. The sign said "silk screening supplies" so we thought we might be able to get a screen to practice on... We did even better than that. We got 3 screens, heaps of paints, squeegee, some blank shirts and the "Simple Silk Screening" book. We were supper excited. Then as we walked out I saw a corner of yellow poking out of a basket. I don't know why or what told me to look but I pulled it out and my heart started racing. A "Speak & Read" I honestly couldn't believe my eyes it was in mint condition.

Now I should probably share with you why I was excited. Carlos makes music and a very long time ago he said if I ever found a Speak & Spell in my Op shop travels that I should pick it up because he can use it to mix in with his own music. We have come across a few but there were buttons missing, battery erosion and in general far too expensive to spend money on without a working guarantee.

SOOOOO... I looked further in the basket and Yep I hit the mother load. There was a "Speak & Spell" looking at me. It too was in mint condition and the lady only wanted $2 each because she didn't know if they even worked... BARGAIN!!!! So I bought them home to a very surprised and excited husband. The best part is...



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