Friday, March 20, 2009

MooBear Photo Shoot...

So we decided while the weather was so beautiful and sunny that we would race down the park and have a MooBear Photo Shoot! I made sure I had enough fairy stickers for wardrobe changes. We put the stickers on their tummies so they have to lift up their shirts to see them and so you can't see them in the photos... smart thinking!! This only a small peek at some of the designs we will be launching with in May. It's so exciting to be starting our business... and oh so frightening at the same time... But we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Moo in her own Flower design.

Moo in her own Flower design and Bear in Moo's Tree Hugger design.

Bear in his own (with help from mum) Rar! design.

Rockin Out in their own one off designs. Moo's says Fairy Rainbow Fan which I made for her exactly 2years ago for her 6th Birthday. She'll be 8 years on Sunday...It all happens far too quickly now we have 3 children. Bear's shirt is based on one of the original designs I had in mind for a MooBear logo. So this is where MooBear Designs Started.
This is where we finish, head home hand in hand walking together, laughing together. This is what it means to be Brother & Sister!


  1. Hi, Thanks for commenting on my blog, much appreciated. Great job with the T-Shirts. I hope your new venture goes really well for you.
    Warmly Lenna

  2. Thanks everyone!! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.