Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earth Hour...

I am really excited about Earth Hour this year (Last year we weren't home to participate). This years Earth Hour is extra special.
1. It falls on Bears 3rd Birthday
2. My very awesome friend Rebekah is part of the Sydney Earth Hour Team.
3. My Father in-law helped with some of the Spanish translating.
4. We all have our own Earth Hour shirts from Rebekah.
5. We have posters in our windows and stickers on our shirts.
and this is the big one...
6. I have been asked to SEW some of the Earth Hour flag which will be placed on the top of Mt Everest... How fantastic is that!! I am going to take so many photo's of the flag before it leaves my hands never to be seen by eyes again.

We've also registered MooBear Designs in the Sydney Earth Hour Event...

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