Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Wonderful Things...

This week has been a great week and it is only Tuesday night.
I have got some wonderful friends who are looking out for me. Brenda Girl bought over Brother Basil, her sewing machine to keep mine company and to have handy incase I need some extra help with our Moobear shirts.
My sewing machines name is Veronica. Then today Litsa Girl came over with her overlocker. I have wanted an over locker for 3yrs now and Litsa had hers sitting at home having only used it a handful of times. I have been given permission to give it a name. So if anyone has any suggestions let me know!! I love the look of it. It's very ME! Right down to the colour coded trail for each thread. Although where is the purple code? Hmmm...

On the family side of things Bubbles tooth finally popped through tonight. She was chewing on my thumb and bit down so hard it felt like a tiny little needle pierced my skin. Carlos couldn't see it yesterday when it was sitting below the gum. But while Brenda was here I got her too look and she verified my findings. "Thanks Girl".

While we were doing our bed routine Moo was entertaining Bubble by throwing her Care Bear in the air and catching it in front of her. I haven't heard Bubble laugh so hard for so long. I thought she would have been in tears a lot sooner but no she thought Moo was hilarious. In the end I'm not sure who was entertaining who. Needless to say I had a "proud mummy moment" just listening to them both laugh together.

My husband Carlos is fantastic. He is doing so much for our business & the lead up to Moobear's official launch. He and I make the best team ever. Husband & Wife, Mum & Dad, Managing Director & Creative Director.


  1. If Brother Basil can help in anyway then...hell YEAH!! Please excuse the ugly dolphin cover LOL!

    Our little girl is growing up so quickly....*sniff sniff*....just a month ago I could hold you with one hand

  2. Brenda Dolphins are my favourite animal you should know that!! Brother Basil maybe helping me this afternoon. I think he may have some performance anxiety in front of the ladies hehe.

  3. Oh yes...of course...I totally got that cover on purpose ; )
    Woo hoo.....you show them who's the daddy Basil LOL!!
    PS I started a blog too. I might as well considering I needed to join up to comment